Kashema Hutchinson

Ph.D. student in the Urban Education
New York NY
Preferred Gender Pronouns: She/Her

Bio: Kashema Hutchinson is a Ph.D. student in the Urban Education program at the Graduate Center (CUNY). She has a B.A. in Communications: Advertising/Public Relations and an M.A. in Sociology. She is currently a Communications and Leadership Fellow Specialist, Undergraduate Leadership Program and Doctoral Fellow in The Futures Initiative at the CUNY Graduate Center. For over three years she has facilitated discussion groups with incarcerated male and female groups at the Rikers Island Facility in New York. Her research interests include the school-to-prison pipeline, socialization of Black girls and women, zero-tolerance policies, mattering and marginalization, mindfulness and hip-hop pedagogy. She creates and uses hip-hop infographics as tools to facilitate discussions such as the roles of women in history, philosophy, behavioral economics, crime and class and the knowledge of self and community.